Pursuing Pixels

004 - Risk of Rewards

May 31, 2019

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  This week, we get to a bunch of other games on top of the Psikyo shmups we decided to touch upon last week.  Kevin jumps into (yet) another roguelike, Randall hydroplanes into the eye of a hurricane, and--surprise, surprise--DJ beats a few more games.  We also talk about a handful of multiplayer experiences.


Games Discussed:

Psikyo shmups - (00:01:35)

Steredenn: Binary Stars - (00:25:10)

Hydro Thunder Hurricane - (00:31:25)

Horizon Chase Turbo - (00:37:41)

Nidhogg II - (00:44:30)

Blazing Beaks - (00:53:32)

Risk of Rain - (00:56:45)

Rogue Legacy - (01:03:30)

Four-Sided Fantasy - (01:14:20)

next week's game - (01:22:00)


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