Pursuing Pixels

008 - The Genre is Breakout

June 27, 2019

 Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  This week, we start the morning out right with an intense action-arcade puzzler, #Breakforcist Battle.  Randall and DJ revisit a couple of games from last week—Randall polishes of Crocus and follows up on the remainder of his time with Blossom Tales, while DJ treads into the relentless waters of Bad North.  Kevin scratches beneath the surface of the procedurally-generated dungeons in Unexplored, finally has a little fun playing Splatoon 2, and chips in to save par with a nifty little card-based puzzler with some serious headscratchers, Golf Peaks


Games Discussed:


#Breakforcist Battle - 00:01:17

Splatoon 2 - 00:18:50

Bad North - 00:32:51

UnExplored - 00:45:28

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - 00:53:35

Golf Peaks - 01:03:36

Next month's game discussion - 01:12:46


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