Pursuing Pixels

015 - Here Come the Sepia Tones

August 16, 2019

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  We kick things off with a little expert analysis on a game that none of us have played, No Man's Sky, which just received its new Beyond update, also being dubbed '2.0.'  Randall and DJ race through the Wipeout: Omega Collection.  DJ steers the conversation towards Sniper Elite 4, the former and the latter both 'free' offerings on PS Plus this month.  Randall follows that up with more 'free' games courtesy of the NES online service on Switch—a couple of semi-overlooked titles from the original NES library, Wario's Woods & Donkey Kong 3.  We go faux-retro after that and talk a couple of classic indie games in Super Meat Boy & Fez.  Randall and Kevin finish things off with a three-dimensional Super Meat Boy of sorts, RAZED, and a brief tease of our GOTM, Into the Breach.



No Man's Sky - 00:01:16

Wipeout: Omega Collection - 00:10:54

Sniper Elite 4 - 00:20:16

NES via Nintendo Switch Online - 00:29:44

-------> Wario's Woods - 00:31.47

-------> Donkey Kong 3 - 00:37:03

Super Meat Boy - 00:43:08

Fez - 00:55:53

RAZED -01:10:25

*GOTM - 01:23:31


*For the month of August, we'll be playing Into the Breach.  Feel free to play along with us and join in on the discussion at the end of the month!


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