Pursuing Pixels

031 - Baba is Gone?

December 2, 2019

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  What happened to episode 30?  Only the GarageBand gods know.  Thankfully we had an extra episode in the can and we're back with number 31 without missing a beat.  And we're all still playing Baba is You, so we'll be getting back to that soon enough.

Until then, this week we're all pretty into everything we've been sinking our time into.  DJ, Kevin, John (& our buddy Glenn) played some Flat Heroes right before recording and can't wait to keep chipping away at the top spots on the leaderboards.  DJ kicks off an interstellar sci-fi adventure, Planet Alpha, and may have talked Kevin into giving the demo another try.  Randall & Kevin are inspired by Kevin's recent romp through Cave Story, and plow all the way through Studio Pixel's follow-up, Kero Blaster.  John wraps things up with (a lot of) family time and talks about his their history with the Civlization board game from the 80s, published by Avalon Hill—we dip into a brief discussion on our experience with the computer/console series, as well.



Flat Heroes - 00:01:23

Planet Alpha - 00:14:28

Kero Blaster - 00:23:07

Civilization (Board Game & Series) - 00:34:47


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