Pursuing Pixels

033 - You Can Upgrade the Ace

December 16, 2019

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  We're shuffling things up a little bit this week with Kevin, Randall, & John finally get around to seeing what all the hubbub around Slay the Spire is all about.  DJ, feeling a little left out, sinks some time into the Euchre 3D app on his phone, getting some practice in for the euchre league he plays in on the weekends.  DJ primarily sticks to the online games this week with a little inspiration from Titanfall 2 and dips into Season 3 of Apex Legends before revisiting an old multiplayer favorite with The Last of Us' 'Factions' mode.  Kevin & Randall close things out with another space shooter that hearkens back to classic shmup series like Gradius & R-Type.



Slay the Spire - 00:01:10

Euchre 3D - 00:17:55

Apex Legends - 00:24:44

The Last of Us - 00:32:08

Super Hydorah - 00:41:47


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