Pursuing Pixels

035 - Back of the Brain with the Cobwebs

January 6, 2020

Welcome back to Pursing Pixels.  After wrapping up 2019 last week, we're ready to keep things rolling into the new year, and back to our usual episode antics.  Some of us are still playing Slay the Spire, but that should come as little surprise to anyone.  Apart from that, Randall & John talk a little SteamWorld Quest, another card-based RPG.  Kevin & DJ pass the controller back and forth with Cluster Truck thanks to Kevin's Xbox Game Pass subscription before moving along to a truly cooperative experience with Strikey Sisters, a Breakout clone with a ton of charm & 16-bit style.  DJ & John kick things off with Bleep Bloop, a super clever little puzzler that was getting everyone in on the action.



Bleep Bloop - 00:01:22

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech - 00:14:20

Cluster Truck - 00:28:14

Strikey Sisters - 00:34:51

Slay the Spire - 00:41:43


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