Pursuing Pixels

036 - The Aptly Named Defect

January 13, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  This week, Kevin's still playing Slay the Spire—and is finally able to conquer the game thanks to some tips from Randall.  Kevin is also getting pretty deep into Sparklite, and talks a little bit about the roguelite hack-and-slash adventure with John, who just booted it up a few days ago.  Randall & John each dig into some of the more recent additions to the SNES library of games available via the Nintendo Switch Online service—Randall plays all the way through the previously-unreleased Star Fox 2 (why was this game not released again?!?) & John takes us on a journey through a semi-forgotten Capcom JRPG series, Breath of Fire 2.  John & Kevin wrap things up with the short, sweet, and honestly pretty challenging, Whipseey & The Lost Atlas, which certainly takes a visual cue or two from everyone's favorite pink puffball.


Slay the Spire - 00:02:13

Sparklite - 00:08:18

Star Fox 2 - 00:18:41

Breath of Fire 2 - 00:32:40

Whipseey & The Lost Atlas - 00:42:01


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