Pursuing Pixels

040 - Kirby Gets Tired, Unless You Give Him Some Cash

February 10, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  We're missing Randall once again, but we'll be back to full-strength next week!  In the meantime, John (and his wife Lauren) are getting into shape with Ring Fit Adventure—and we get a second wholehearted endorsement for Nintendo's exercise-JRPG hybrid.  DJ's hitting the rails with some sort of two-wheeled unicycle (also known as a bike?) in FutureGrind.  Kevin keeps the retro train rolling in Randall's absence once again, this time going with Kirby Super Star.  We talk a little more about everyone's favorite pink puffball after that, as DJ & John resist digging into their wallets while playing through Super Kirby Clash, a free-to-play incarnation of the franchise on Nintendo Switch.  We wrap things up with Super Time Force Ultra, which incorporates the concept of time travel into gameplay in some incredibly clever (and insane) ways.



Ring Fit Adventure - 00:01:15

FutureGrind - 00:13:46

Kirby Super Star - 00:23:55

Super Kirby Clash - 00:32:24

Super Time Force Ultra - 00:40:34


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