Pursuing Pixels

042 - You Always Speak in Hyperbole

February 24, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  The whole gang is here again and we're going back to our roots, squeezing in a little chaos mode (aka 4v4) in Rocket League before recording today's episode.  John also talks a bunch about the newly released console edition of Kentucky Route Zero—we also get into a bit of a lengthy chat about story-driven games in general, each of us coming at the genre from a pretty diverse set of angles.  Kevin gripes a bit about Rogue Singularity, but is having a pretty good time with it overall, in spite of its considerable levels of jank.  And everyone but Randall is still playing Wizard of Legend...and it's still getting the best of us (even DJ?!?).



Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition - 00:01:39

Rogue Singularity - 00:28:06

Wizard of Legend - 00:34:58

Rocket League - 00:42:21


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