Pursuing Pixels

048: Why is Nobody Washing Dishes?

April 6, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  We're still locked down in quarantine mode and hope you're all staying healthy and safe.  Thankfully video games have been keeping us nice and distracted in these trying times—so distracted that we completely forgot to say the name of our first game of the week, Children of Morta, which we've got widely differing opinions on.  Kevin's also still chipping away at Caveblazers, and briefly talks about some of his recent runs and streams on our Twitch channel.  He also finally gets around to playing Wilmot's Warehouse, which John recommended a while back on the podcast.  We wrap things up with a sale discussion, kicked off by a brief chat about Conduct Together!, which we all picked up for the criminally low price of a penny on the Nintendo Switch eshop. 

(Links to YouTube videos of all the streams in the timestamps below)



Children of Morta - 00:01:43

Caveblazers - 00:21:57

Wilmot's Warehouse - 00:27:19

Conduct Together! - 00:35:08

-----> Brief discussion on MEGA sales - 00:40:51


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