Pursuing Pixels

050 - You Watch that Cutscene!

April 19, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  This week, we're throwing some D's on that...actually, let's just all forget that song ever existed.  That said, the letter 'D' is the theme of the week, with Kevin & John virtually reconnecting with the rest of their bandmates for a little Diablo III online.  Randall keeps the temperature running hot, as we hang around in Hell for a little while longer with DOOM 64.  Then we all talk through the early stages of Day and Night, a block-matching puzzler with some solid mechanics, and some iffy aesthetic choices.  John closes us out with a nostalgia trip from the Nintendo Wii era, the seemingly everlasting de Blob.



Diablo III: Eternal Collection - 00:02:03

DOOM 64 - 00:10:17

Day and Night - 00:16:45

de Blob - 00:27:16


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