Pursuing Pixels

066 - You’re Constantly Chasing the Archbishop

August 17, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  Sony finally throws us a bone on PlayStation Plus with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and Randall & Kevin waste no time getting into it!  From one online-multiplayer game to another, John's been getting a daily dose of Dauntless lately, and Kevin joins him on a couple of quests.

Kevin dives into the murky waters of Sea Salt, an incredibly unique action-strategy game that's even tougher to describe in writing than it is in spoken word.  However, there's certainly more than a hint of Pikmin in its DNA—we reminisce about the entire series, in anticipation of Pikmin 3's arrival on Nintendo Switch!



Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  -  00:02:43

Dauntless  -  00:14:58

Sea Salt  -  00:26:05

Pikmin series  -  00:35:46


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