Pursuing Pixels

069 - A Lotta Bit More

September 6, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  Randall & Kevin kick things off this week with their first impressions of the new Battletoads game.  From there, we talk about a trifecta of games that were both announced & released during the most recent Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase:

John journeys into the infinitely-repeating landscapes of Manifold Garden, Kevin scratches the surface of the waters in Spiritfarer, and Randall gives us his thoughts on the wonderfully charming A Short Hike.

Kevin closes things out with New Super Lucky's Tale and places it alongside the 3D platforming greats of the N64 heyday!



Battletoads  -  00:01:29

Manifold Garden  -  00:19:59

Spiritfarer  -  00:18:35

A Short Hike  -  00:26:04

New Super Lucky's Tale  -  00:31:57


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