Pursuing Pixels

074 - This is My Comfort Food

October 11, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  Kevin's been gushing about New Super Lucky's Tale like crazy lately, so Randall & Tina booted it up this week to plow through a few more levels; once again, thanks to Xbox Game Pass

Speaking of Game Pass, Randall & Kevin are loving the retro-arcade vibes of Hotshot Racing, which hearkens back to SEGA's best low-poly arcade racers, Outrun & Virtua Racing.

After that, DJ & Kevin dig deep into a couple of turn-based roguelikes, starting with Invisible, Inc., just before Kevin's PS Plus subscription expires.  After that, we finally get around to discussing Haque from Kevin Cole & the rest of the team at SuperTry Studios.

Randall & Kevin close us out with a commitment to play & discuss The Gardens Between in the near future, once again thanks to our Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.



New Super Lucky's Tale -  00:01:55

Hotshot Racing  -  00:09:39

Invisible, Inc. -  00:17:40

Haque  -  00:30:18

Syncing up on Xbox Game Pass  -  00:46:04


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