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January 4, 2021  

083: The Wario Stuff

January 4, 2021

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  It's our first episode of the new year, and we're kicking off 2021 with a boatload of games to talk about, so let's get started...

DJ gets the ball rolling with a bunch of multiplayer gaming that he's been doing lately, starting off with a Killer Queen Black & Rocket League session that he had with Randall & John over the weekend, and wrapping up with some Apex Legends.  It hasn't been all competitive gaming for DJ though, as he's also been playing some Mario's Super Picross.

Kevin finally got around to booting up the PICO-8 fantasy console, which was included in the itchio Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality, and highlights a handful of the standouts he's played this week.

From faux-retro to neo-retro, Randall finally got his hands on the Analogue Nt Mini Noir that he ordered back in February—the retro enthusiast's definitive HD NES experience!  And he's super into it!

John closes us out with a little comfort food, as he's been plowing through one of his all-time favorites, Tales of Symphonia, before moving onto a later entry in the series, Tales of Vesperia—and he's already well over 30 hours in...



Multiplayer Gaming  -  00:00:46

-----> Killer Queen Black  -  00:01:08

-----> Rocket League  -  00:02:21

-----> Apex Legends  -  00:06:40

Mario's Super Picross  -  00:11:44

PICO-8  -  00:19:27

-----> High Stakes  -  00:21:38

-----> Marballs 1 & 2  -  00:24:23

-----> Combo Pool  -  00:25:25

-----> 8 Legs to Love  -  00:26:21

-----> Just One Boss  -  00:27:31

Analogue Nt Mini Noir  -  00:29:13

Tales of Symphonia  -  00:34:48

Tales of Vesperia  -  00:36:52


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