Pursuing Pixels

Episode Number: Holiday Edition - 2019

December 30, 2019

Welcome back to Pursing Pixels...and happy holidays to you & yours.  We're wrapping up our first (half) year of podcasting with each of our favorite games that we've talked about since we kicked off the show, and gearing up for 2020 with a game that we're resolving to play in the coming year.  We're also forcing DJ to play Chasm because that game is just plain awesome!  Thanks for tuning in over the past six months and Happy New Year.


GOTYs (sort of):

Kevin: Octahedron - 00:01:46

Randall: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - 00:07:31

DJ: 20XX - 00:12:53

John: Risk of Rain 2 - 00:18:01


John: Transistor - 00:25:08

DJ: Deadbolt - 00:26:59

Randall: Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom - 00:28:53

Kevin: Undertale - 00:31:10

Almost Unanimous GOTY: Chasm - 00:33:19  *The ball's in your court DJ*


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