Pursuing Pixels

065 - Is Anyone a Real Person in Blaseball?

August 10, 2020

Welcome back to Pursuing Pixels.  Last week, John somehow forgot to mention Blaseball, so we kick things off with a deep dive into the nuances of the newly-emerging sport.  Speaking of new, Kevin's playing Carrion, which just released this past week, and is loving the John Carpenter/David Cronenberg vibes.

From one horror-themed game to another, Randall & Kevin are hooked on Demon's Tilt; a massive virtual pinball table that pays homage to the greats of the 16-bit era.  John has a new main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and he discusses the pros and cons of playing as Min Min from Arms.

Randall wraps things up with Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom, which was his resolution game for 2020.  He's into it so far, and will be keeping us apprised as the adventure continues.



Blaseball  -  00:01:54

Carrion  -  00:16:18

Demon's Tilt  -  00:26:45

Super Smash Bros. (Min Min update)  -  00:35:31

Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom  -  00:44:34


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